Government is getting bigger, not better and we need a champion to fight back. As your Colorado Treasurer I will: Fight to end the year-end-spend; reform the Public Employees Retirement System (PERA); and lock the revolving door that allows certain state employees to game the system.

cash down the drain

The Year-End Spend

Every May and June, state agencies rush to spend what’s left of their yearly budget.  New computers, phones, trucks, chairs – just about anything and everything, just to make sure that the money is spent by the end of June and not returned to the state treasury.

Moving to a multi-year budget and digging into these year-end spends is critical to making sure state tax-dollars are spent wisely.  It’s also critical in holding state government accountable to the people paying the bills.

Reform PERA

PERA is broken, and fixing it must be more than just a talking point or a campaign slogan.  We need to reform PERA so that the promises made to retirees are kept, and so that taxpayers aren’t left holding the bag when PERA goes bust.  I’ve spent my life taking on and fixing big problems, this is one that must be fixed – to protect all of us today and down the road.

Lock the Revolving Door

It is anticipated that millions of dollars have been swindled by certain state employees who set up their contract gig just before leaving or retiring from a state agency.  It is nearly impossible to tell how much money is being misspent this way.  We need to lock the revolving door so that taxpayers don’t get suckered by the double and triple dips.