Fiscal Sustainability

Lawrence: Let’s have an honest conversation concerning Colorado’s spending future

Author: Rep. Polly Lawrence – March 6, 2017 – Updated: March 4, 2017

I must admit that this has been one of the more challenging starts to a legislative session in my recent memory. We came together after a spirited election with the hope and promise that Democrats and Republicans would be able to work together to do what is right for our state. I remained optimistic when the speaker of the House addressed the chamber on our opening day, imploring unity when it seemed all bipartisanship had eroded in Washington, D.C. We were going to rise above the politics and solve problems … or so I thought.

It was no surprise that one of the most important tasks we would encounter during this current session was funding our deteriorating transportation infrastructure system. Regardless of what side of the aisle you sit on, we all agree that our crumbling roads and bridges need to be addressed immediately. Our job as legislators is to find solutions to these big problems, and it was heartening to hear transportation funding was the top priority item for our Democratic colleagues, as well as our governor.

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