Your Next State Treasurer

My name is Polly Lawrence. I’m a Mom, a small businesswoman, a public servant, and I’m running to be your next state Treasurer – to be Colorado’s Chief Financial Officer.


I grew up here and I raised my family here. A graduate of Wheat Ridge High School, I painted sets for our drama department and studied hard to get into college. I went on to get my degree from Colorado State University where I met the love of my life, my husband RJ, at a friend’s birthday party. Since then we’ve raised two fantastic kids who both went to Colorado public schools and are the next generation of small business leaders at our family business, Lawrence Construction.


Our values.

My parents, an engineer and a homemaker, instilled in my siblings and me the value of hard-work, perseverance and personal accountability. When one of us asked for a bike, our father would tell us to raise half of the money and he’d match it. When RJ was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, we persevered and we came together to support each other and our family. These simple, but important, life lessons are ones that continue to focus my time as a public servant.

We all want the best for our families.

My dad was a civil engineer who built many of the roads and bridges that brought Colorado together and I’ve continued that tradition at our family business. Lawrence Construction is a 93-year-old Colorado company which I proudly run with RJ and our board of directors. He and I work to instill those same values of hard-work, perseverance and personal accountability into our family life which is why our kids work with us at Lawrence. RJ and I didn’t hand Scott and Annie a start in management. Annie stays up late on the night shift working on the Havana & I-70 project and Scotty is busy with a flood restoration project in Boulder. They both started as laborers and worked their way through the ranks; we treat every employee like family.

Our state, our money, and who’s watching it matters.

Being a small business owner, I brought real-world experience and compassion to the Capitol.  My focus is on common sense, practical solutions that work for all Coloradans, not just the privileged few. I’ve fought to roll back burdensome regulations, championed a transparent and less intrusive government, supported needed resources to our rural communities, and advocated for accountability and transparency in ALL levels of government. This wasn’t because it garnered me acclaim or spots on a radio show, but because it was the right thing to do.


I’ve been meeting with great folks like you all around Colorado.

From Pueblo to Montrose, Grand Junction to Lamar, our state’s success relies on the people of Colorado. I want to understand your concerns and hear what’s important to your family. Let’s work to make Colorado accountable to you!